History fans(as well as fans of classic pop and rock-n-roll) should know that today is a big, BIG day in music history. A monumental event occurred on American television involving a British pop group that just may have potentially changed the course of rock music.

John, Paul, George, and Ringo, collectively known as The Beatles, appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. The date? February 9, 1964. If Beatlemania wasn't already in full swing, this televised event certainly expedited it.

Now, unfortunately, I wasn't able to watch it because it was just a few years before my time. My question is: Is there anyone here in beautiful Berkshire County who was one of the over 73 million people who tuned in to watch the Ed Sullivan Show for that broadcast?

Or, more amazingly, were you or someone you know(perhaps a family member) one of the lucky folks that got to see that performance in person? Put this factoid into perspective: The theater where they filmed the Ed Sullivan Show only had approximately 700 seats. For that particular show with The Beatles, there were over 50,000 people looking for a seat. WOW!!!

Nowadays, you can expect to pay sometimes $1,000 or more just for one ticket for a concert or a sporting event. Back in 1964, The Beatles were paid just under $2,500 for their appearance. That's collectively...

If you weren't around yet(like me) or were just unable to see it, well thank goodness for the internet and platforms such as YouTube where you can watch history in the making. Here's a clip:

If you were able to actually watch it from the comfort of your living room or were actually there to see it in person, then you are one of the lucky ones. I would have liked to have been there. Thanks for allowing me to share some Mop Top Memories.

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