Gas stations in Massachusetts are preparing for remnants of Hurricane Beryl that is correctly taking over Texas.

Luckily the average price of gas right now across the Baystate is $3.50 a gallon. But with the Hurricane working its way up, many are wondering if gas prices will soon rise again.

With summer in full swing, it's not bad a idea to plan ahead the worst. Especially if you currently drive a gas guzzler.

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But what if you could plan ahead by stocking up on gasoline for your cars, lawnmowers, or the future in the general? Here's what's allowed in Massachusetts.

  • If you need to carry or store gasoline, use an approved container. Keep the container in a secure, upright position away from passenger areas, such as in a trunk or pick-up bed. Make sure that fill and vent openings are tightly closed.
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Remember, if you need to store gasoline only buy what is it needed, use what you have, and keep it stored away from home and well if you depend on well water.

When it comes to piling up on gasoline, here's what the rules and regulations are according to

For safety reasons, gasoline or other flammable petroleum product may be transported without a permit in any open vehicle or in a compartment of a closed vehicle separated from the passengers, as long as the total quantity does not to exceed 21 gallons.

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