iBerkshires.com reports that McCann students collected near 400,000 aluminum can tabs and donated them to the Shriners Hospital in memory of longtime Shriner Mark Feder.

In just a quick three weeks, McCann students were able to collect approximately 225 pounds of aluminum can tabs to be donated and scrapped to help Shriners Hospitals continue their work.

Mark Feder, who passed away in 2017, was a fixture in the community and was involved in multiple community clubs and organizations throughout the region. Many may have seen Feder in parades throughout Western Massachusetts driving a Shriner go-cart.

The winners of the contest were given a pizza party at and Kratz said it was determined that because it was for the Shriners anything goes.

The Shiners have been running this program for near 30 years and to date have gathered over a billion tabs.

Feder's daughter Rebecca Sawyer and son Joel Feder were also at the school to accept the tabs and thanked the school council for their hard work.

"My dad would have been happy that is for sure," Feder said. "He loved helping the community."

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