As the number of COVID-19 positive cases continues to grow there is word of another such case in North Berkshire.

An advisory posted on the Williamstown Commons Nursing and Rehabilitation Center's website says, "We have been informed that a resident, who has been residing at our skilled nursing center, has tested positive for COVID-19. We have and will continue to work with the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the state and local health departments to isolate this situation and mitigate any future problems."

The message signed by Jodi Ouimette, Administrator of the facility, also said "We are confident that our team of clinicians, nurses, aides and other support staff at Williamstown Commons are well prepared to protect the ongoing health of our residents. We continue to assess our residents and staff daily for signs or symptoms of COVID-19. It was the strict adherence to (federal and state) protocols that enabled us to identify this case and resulted in a swift response in caring for this patient and putting immediate precautions in place to help isolate the situation. We will continue to follow the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s guidance on notifying members of our community who may have had contact with these residents."

The message advised those concerned to continue to check Williamstown Commons' website for additional information and updates.

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As of late Tuesday, the MA Department of Public Health had counted 37 positive cases of COVID-19 in Berkshire County.

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