Pizza! Everybody loves pizza. I mean at least I do. Who doesn't am I missing anyone? Anyways, it seems like almost every day I have a habit of eating one slice. Particularly when I walk into a gas station and grab my usual iced coffee as well. Who would've thought that one day pizza and gas would go together? Heck, I remember when certain gas stations only sold microwaveable pizza that you would heat up, and then pay for at the counter.

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Just recently in Adams, a new Cumberland Farms store opened for business. Now I remember for a while they were talking about a new pizzeria that was going inside the store. I was like, really? I thought Cumby's had their own pizza already. But apparently there's a new pizzeria chain called 'Ria's Pizza' and that this was their very first location. Let me tell you, when I tried a slice of this new 'Ria's Pizza', I was hooked!

Let's dig into the list of gas stations in the Berkshires that I've been to personally that sell pizza. But who which one is the best? 

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Cumberland Farms, (former Al's Garage) 95 Commerical St. in Adams. Where you'll find regular Cumby's pizza and this new pizzeria known as 'Ria's Pizza.'

The Berkshire's only 7 Eleven gas station located at 223 Columbia St. in Adams next to the roundabout. The store maybe small but their pizzas are pretty big!

Cumberland Farms, at all North Adams locations where you'll find your regular pizza as well.

Alltown gas stations in Pittsfield like the one on 90 Tyler St. Or if you're in the mood for a 'Ramunto's Pizza Express' you have the 480 West Housatonic location.

I may have missed a few gas stations that sell pizza, but I will leave you to judge. Who has the best gas station pizza in the Berkshires? let us know on our station app. 

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