At some point over Christmas, you're going to hit the point where you're just done with family time.  It's right around when you volunteer to make a run to the grocery store and decide to head to a grocery store 45 minutes away.

A new study pinpointed the average moment when we finally hit our limit with our family over the holidays.  And it happens at . . . 2:13 P.M. on December 26th.  Here are the top things that lead to us finally losing our patience . . .

Criticism for being single or your relationship choices.

Criticism for how you're handling being an adult.

Stress over cooking.

Bad presents.

Arguments over board games.

Arguments over politics.

Being hungover.

Getting yelled at for not helping around the house enough.

Babysitting everyone's kids.

Arguments over what to watch on TV.

The Sun

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