There have been plenty of bear sightings lately. That's to be expected this time of year. Usually, we're talking about bears approaching homes or ripping through trash, destroying bird feeders and so on. Now, we're taking a little break from that. In the following video (which you can view below) which was posted by a member of The Berkshires Facebook group, we see a heart melting vision of a big, beautiful mama bear with her cub roaming around minding their own business without a care in the world.

Many of the members of the Facebook group loved this video and posted the following comments:

-WOW! That is one big Momma bear!

-Love this!!


-Look how small that cub is! Beautiful!

-Love this...just one baby? So cute

-The beauty of nature

-The little one is so adorable! Interesting how the mother’s front legs move. Great video!

-That’s a big bear!

-How cute.

-should I climb THAT ladder?”😉
Great clip of little one stayin close.

-Beautiful but trouble

-That baby is adorable!

-The baby is so tiny

-Beautiful momma and baby

-Great video! Thanks for sharing!

-This is so beautiful. I love this.❤

-Momma bear and her adorable baby. Love it!

-Love those bears and babies

-How wonderful!! Thank you for sharing!

-Omg! What a gorgeous mama and such an adorable little peanut of a baby! Thank you for sharing!!

-Beautiful video on why so many of us stay here. 💜


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-Only one cub..momma is a big bears

-I love this !!!! ❤️❤️❤️

-Big mama,she’s beautiful..Sweet baby..Thank you for sharing..

-Beautiful! What was she eating?

-she was nibbling on new shoots — day lilies and other things that popped up after we cleared that area 🌼

-What a great capture! ❤ 🐻

Checkout the video below and experience nature's beauty for yourself.

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