With Thanksgiving being a major holiday where we spend quality time with our friends and family, it's only appropriate for major retailers to be closed for this particular day. Even though, not all businesses 100% close on Thanksgiving like some gas stations for example. What comes after Thanksgiving is no other than Black Friday, so its no wonder why we think about discount shopping while giving thanks at the same time.

But, will we be able to Black Friday shop on Thanksgiving this year?

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Shortest way to put it, the answer is no. According to USA Today, Walmart which has many store locations across Massachusetts including two here in the Berkshires has announced for a 4th consecutive year in a row that they will be closed on Thanksgiving Day for 2023. This comes from Walmart's CEO John Furner who stated that this decision aligns with the company's commitment to prioritize its employees' and customers' well-being and safety since the COVID-19 pandemic. By giving its workers a much-needed break to spend time with loved ones on Thanksgiving Day.

Below is what John Furner shared on Walmart's X account formally known as Twitter.

This new trend has continued since at least 2020 during the Pandemic with more and more companies opting to close down for the holidays to express appreciation towards their workforce. For example in 2021, Target's CEO, Brian Cornell, stated that all Target stores (including the one location here in the Berkshires) would be closed on Thanksgiving Day moving forward. This decision was made with the utmost consideration for the well-being of employees and customers, according to Brian Cornell's state.

Other major retail chains that have closed on Thanksgiving include Costco, BJ's, Kohl's, Lowe's, Home Depot, and TJX Companies.

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