With the holidays in full swing, Massachusetts shoppers are flocking to stores everywhere to get those best deals. Especially at a big department store like Walmart.

While looking for a parking spot, I noticed something about the cars that were parked in curbside pickup. You would expect people waiting in their cars for the Walmart associate to bring out their orders. I looked again and noticed majority of them were all unoccupied!

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I initially took photos of these vehicles they were unoccupied in curbside pickup but for some reason the camera deleted them. Pictured above is an example of what I witnessed.

What is Walmart Curbside pickup?

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, Curbside pickup has been the new safe way of shopping without having to actually go in the store. All you do is request and pay for what you want through their website or on their app. And then you drive to the store you requested your merchandise at, park in the designed Curbside pickup, and then ether call or mention in the app that you have arrived in that designed Curbside pickup parking spot.

All in all, the point is Curbside pickup is designed for those types of customers and should not be used to parking closer to the store just because an individual is not to up to finding a normal spot or having to walk a distance. Anytime I shop at Walmart, I only use Curbside pickup for what it's intended for.

Do you have any trouble with Curbside Pickup when you're picking up an item? Let us know on our station app. 

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