Sandwiches are one of the most universal foods that exist. You can never go wrong with a sandwich for any meal so the value of a having a great local sandwich shop near you is always important, especially here in Massachusetts. While there are several different types and varieties of delis making some amazing sandwiches throughout the Bay State, there happens to be one in particular that has recently been awarded the title as 'The Best Deli in the State'. And rightfully so!

The popular lifestyle publication '24/7 Tempo' released a list of The Best Deli in Every State. They compiled reviews and ratings of several different food publications throughout each state, as well as within each region of the country to help find the best deli in each state.

What and Where is the Best Deli in Massachusetts?

For the best deli in Massachusetts, you will have to head east to Boston. There you will find a family-run sandwich shop, known as Sam LaGrassa's, which has taken the title as the best deli in the state.

Here's what '24/7 Tempo' had to say about Sam LaGrassa's in Boston being the best deli in Massachusetts:

A sandwich shop like few others, Sam LaGrassa’s has been a Boston must-visit since it first opened its doors in 1968. LaGrassa still runs the shop to this day, and he hasn’t compromised on quality one bit: breads are baked by local bakers to exacting specifications, meats are prepared in-house fresh daily, and all sauces and dressings are made from scratch. For a taste of what put them on the map, try anything with the house-made Rumanian pastrami (especially the Reuben), a Cuban made with herb-crusted roast pork and honey-glazed ham, a classic tuna melt, or the Loco Chicken (with a pan-fried chicken cutlet, pastrami, jack cheese, bacon, Bermuda onion, chipotle mayo, barbecue sauce, and hot cherry peppers on a round roll).

If you're a sandwich lover, your mouth is probably already watering.

While we might be in the midst of Winter, who is to say you can't make a trip out east for a road trip to experience the best deli in Massachusetts? From the looks of it, and the reviews, it seems like it might be well worth it!

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