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If it's not Dunkin' Coffee, I drink on a certain day it is definitely Cumberland Farms aka Cumby's Coffee for short! Face it, we all stop at Cumby's every day for something whether it's just for gas, or a hot or cold beverage.

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From my personal experience at Cumberland Farms in Massachusetts, here are some things you should not do when visiting a local Cumby's in your town.

1. Parking at gas pumps when not actually getting fuel.

I'm pretty sure people wouldn't appreciate you inside ordering a pizza if they're waiting to get gas, and your vehicle is blocking the gas pump. Not to mention if you drive an unleaded gasoline vehicle and you're blocking the diesel pump while a diesel vehicle owner is trying to fuel up!

2. Taking a pastry out of the donut case with your bare hands and then putting it back.

Ever since the pandemic, staying sanatory has been more important than ever. In general, it's gross especially if you don't know where your hands have been all day.

Google Maps
Google Maps

3. Stay off your cellphone when cashing out at the front counter.

Okay, I am guilty of this, and I apologize to any Cumby's store clerks for my actions if they're reading this. Their job is to cash you out and be on your marry way so I don't think they care to hear your phone conversations, nor do the people behind you want to hear them.

4. Be courteous, and not purchase an excessive amount of lottery tickets if there's a line behind you.

I see this all the time and I can't tell you how annoying it can be! Especially if you're on a time limit and you just want to pay for your coffee. Please, save those lottery ticket purchases for non-busy hours.

Below is a list coming from local listeners!

I live right behind a Cumberland Farms in Leominster Massachusetts; our Cumberland farms is on the connector to get on to a couple different highways. Number one biggest pet peeve do not block the door with your line at the register form a line that is not in front of the entryway. Number one fire hazard, fire Marshall will close you down if you continue to do this. Number two like I can't get in the store if there's seven people blocking the door. It's common sense to leave a walkway for customers lol! Number two biggest pet peeve at Cumberland farms. When you're making a coffee and you spill a little, please clean up after yourself we're all adults!  - Dawn Marie Eringi

People shouldn't be having conversations blocking the coffee centers, or the isles. It has become a common thing for people to be extremely inconsiderate, they don't just block at gas stations/convenient stores, it's everywhere you go. - Richard Hidenfelter

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Google Maps

Excellent ideas indeed! Want to add your idea to the list? Hit me up on our app or through email and Facebook! 

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