There was lots of talk about McDonald's on Tuesday morning's show. McDonald's is trending right now due to their hamburger upgrades.

A softer bun, more melted cheese, more onions, and more Big Mac sauce are some changes that are taking place on most hamburger/cheeseburger items on the menu.

This is happening at only west coast locations in the U.S., however, it'll be nationwide come early 2024 according to McDonalds.

McDonald's Facebook
McDonald's Facebook

I must admit, McDonald's had me at hello. The food is damn tasty and the backstory is wonderfully told in the movie "The Founder". While I realize the movie isn't ENTIRELY true, it's pretty well done.

This got me thinking, though...

Where Was Massachusetts' First McDonald's?

Pittsfield, MA!

Really? Western Massachusetts? The Berkshires?

I don't claim to know a lot, but I was surprised it wasn't somewhere more densely populated...

The first McDonald's in Massachusetts opened in Pittsfield in May 1960, at 6 Cheshire Road, across from the Allendale Shopping Center — still the home of a McDonald's. This store was the 238th franchise in the country and was owned by Tom Walton, who moved to the Berkshires from out of state.

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