OK, the calendar says fall, but Mother Nature is bringing us a quick reminder of what we can expect when winter officially takes effect in December. I was wondering if the agenda called for me to drive in this "so-called" snowfall when arriving at work around 5:30 am but it wasn't until after 7 when the first flakes starting flying.

Boston Globe via Getty Images
Boston Globe via Getty Images

Granted, we have seen worse here in the Berkshires and all across the tri-state region (who could forget the late October snowstorm in 2011 that dropped over a foot of the white stuff all across New England) as we are just dealing with about an inch on the ground which is sticking on the grassy surfaces and on our cars (break out the ice scrapers and brushes, but keep the shovels and snow blowers on hold for this one).

Another Major Nor'Easter Barrels Into Northeastern U.S.
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The higher elevations in our listening area are actually seeing some accumulating snow which could hamper travel, so my best advice is wherever you are is to exercise caution and pack some patience along the way. My concern is the temperature is scheduled to head down to the mid 20s, so we hope there is no freezing up in the process, but it is possible as we are just not quite ready for this change in the weather as proper adjustments need to be made.

Snow written on car windscreen

Fortunately, this is just a distraction, but plenty of my Facebook friends are embracing the first snowfall as it sets the mood for a nice backdrop in our vicinity. If you are wondering if this winter preview will continue for the rest of this week, the answer is NO. AccuWeather is calling for sunny skies and it will feel a bit warmer with temperatures reaching the 50 to 55 degree mark. In other words: "Back to FALL".

Shoeprints in snow

BOTTOM LINE: Until then, enjoy this brief taste of winter, because what we are experiencing is just a cake walk and afterwards, there is reason for concern when we start receiving over 6 inches or more. After all, we live in a changeable terrain. Welcome to New England where you can expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to weather in our backyard.

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