Let's face it, the COVID-19 Pandemic put a huge halt on a lot of things. All we could think about is how was it going to last? Will we ever get back to normal? We can finally say things are quite normal now here in Massachusetts especially here in the Berkshires despite some of the challenges we face since Covid is still a thing.

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But we are proud to say, a lot of things that we did pre-pandemic are now back in full force! Like The Berkshire Wedding Expo that took place last Sunday at The Stationary Factory in Dalton. We're talking over $12,000 in wedding giveaways that helped wrap up a couple's wedding in just one day! Let me tell you this, all of them free samples I had from the caterer vendors were delicious!


After 3 years of the Covid-19 Pandemic happening, the Berkshire Wedding Expo made its return to The Stationary Factory in Dalton, Massachusetts. It featured many awesome vendors that would help a couple wrap up their wedding in just one day!

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Special thanks to everyone who attended since your attendance is what makes The Berkshire Wedding Expo a true success! Plus, we can't forget all the many great vendors from all over the area that attended whether it was Tuxedo Rental Services, a Caterer, Disc Jockey, Photographer, Limousine Services, and even financial services!

Also, we cannot forget a big shout-out to Jerrid Burdick and his crew for all the hard work they do to make the Berkshire Wedding Expo what it is today!

For more information on any upcoming events since they a lot of online services are also offered. Just visit The Berkshire Wedding Expo website by clicking here.

How did you like The Berkshire Wedding Expo? Let us know on our station app. 

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