If you just don't care what people think about you, congratulations.  Published reports in the journal International Psychogeriatrics, stubbornness can save your life. 

Researchers found 29 very elderly participants in the Cilento region of southern Italy, ranging in age from 90 to 101, and quizzed them about their physical health, as well as their beliefs on various matters.  The idea was to get a good understanding of their outlook on life. Researchers then compared their answers to their middle-aged counterparts.

The study found that while the elderly people unsurprisingly had generally worse physical health than their much younger relatives, their mental health was better. Part of this was attributed to "positivity, work ethic, stubbornness and a strong bond with family, religion and land," according to one of the study's authors.

But just as important, according to study co-author Anna Scelzo with the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Chiavarese, Italy: "We also found that this group tended to be domineering, stubborn and needed a sense of control, which can be a desirable trait as they are true to their convictions and care less about what others think."


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