Apparently, and some of you in Berkshire County may have already been aware of it, there's been a mini crime spree going on lately involving vehicle break-ins at country clubs in Berkshire County and southern Vermont.

According to a media statement from the Vermont State Police, a duo, comprised of a male and female, have made off with around $10,000 in cash and cards. The reason many of us are just hearing about the crime spree now is that it was first noticed in Vermont.

Vermont State Troopers report that they first became aware of the thefts back on June 17, when two separate vehicles at the Stamford Valley Golf Course in Stamford, Vermont, had cash and credit cards stolen from them.

Then, allegedly, the stolen cards and cash were used at the Wal-Mart in North Adams to purchase various items and $500 Apple gift cards. Further investigation revealed that similar thefts occurred at the Mt. Anthony Country Club in Bennington as well as country clubs in Pittsfield, Dalton, and Lenox.

Again, same scenario after each incident. Stolen cards and cash were used at various area Wal-Marts to purchase $500 Apple gift cards. According to the Vermont State Police:

Video surveillance from the different Wal-Marts revealed the same middle aged male and female, dressed in golf attire, driving a silver SUV, conducting the transactions.  The suspects have made off with approximately $10,000.00 in cash and cards.

And the Vermont State Troopers are asking for our help. If you happen to have any information at all regarding these thefts, the VSP is asking you to please call Trooper Nicholas Grimes at (802) 442-5421. You can also submit an anonymous tip online here.

For more on the story, visit the Vermont State Police website here.

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