Great news, Berkshire County! Justice finally gets served over an incident that happened over two years ago involving a Pittsfield woman who was shot multiple times in broad daylight.

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According to a media statement from the Berkshire District Attorney's Office, guilty verdicts were obtained on Tuesday for the Springfield man, 31-year-old Myron Crapps, who was responsible for the daytime shooting.

Many of you may recall the incident that took place in the early afternoon of July 7th back in 2020. A Shotspotter activation plus numerous 9-1-1 calls reporting a shooting brought law enforcement officers to Kent Avenue in Pittsfield.

The police arrived at the scene and found the victim, a woman, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. According to the victim, she took it upon herself to confront a group of men who allegedly sexually propositioned a young girl.

After an argument, the group of men climbed into a vehicle to leave the scene. As the vehicle was driving away, Crapps, who was sitting in the passenger seat, leaned out the window and shot the woman three times.

An arrest warrant for Crapps was secured by the Pittsfield Police Department and days later, on July 13th, Crapps was arrested by Springfield law enforcement which included Springfield Police, Massachusetts State Police, and U.S. Marshals.

Myron Crapps was found guilty of assault and battery with a firearm along with illegal possession of a firearm. The trial lasted just two days and Judge John Agostini scheduled sentencing for late September.

Berkshire District Attorney Andrea Harrington had this to say in the media statement:

My office prioritizes holding those who commit violence in our community accountable for their actions. There is no place for gun violence in Berkshire County, and this conviction sends a strong message to our community and protects public safety.

Great job, everyone!

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