Vandalism in Pittsfield…Police Seeking Information
Pittsfield Police are seeking information from the public after receiving a number of reports of vandalism last night and today in the city.  According to a post on the Pittsfield Police Department Facebook page, they believe the damage to property was caused by a BB gun or a pellet gun...
Adams Police Offer Up Security Camera Best Practices
If you currently have security cameras protecting your business or residence, the Adams Police Department posted some tips on best practices on the department’s Facebook page.
Proper placement on what you would like to protect, clarity of the picture and correct angle are all key fact…
Husband Given Up To Life For Killing Trans Wife
Steele-Knudslien gave no statement during the hearing before John Judge Agostini and said nothing apart from answering a series of standard questions posed to him to ensure that he was pleading voluntarily with knowledge of the rights he was giving up by doing so.