If you were affected by the loss of Spectrum Cable services last weekend--as I was--you might be happy to know that the company is offering bill credits.

They're not automatic, and are being handled on a case-by-case basis. That means you'll have to reach out to customer service. I did, and it was relatively painless. Since I hate being on the phone on hold "for the next available representative" I tried using their online "Ask Spectrum" feature, as I had done before for various issues.

After logging in to my account I typed in "bill credit for weekend outage" and the chat window said the wait for the next agent might be about 5 minutes. I did some other work while waiting and it wasn't 2 minutes before the agent came online, verified my account, saw that my cable outage lasted 5 hours on Saturday, and asked if a full day's service credit was acceptable. That sounded fair to me & the deal was done.

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A few bucks saved for just a few minutes online. Try it yourself, and let me know your story.

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