Today we learned that The Movieplex in the SteepleCity Plaza of Downtown North Adams is closing its doors 'indefinitely' come January 31 of 2023 according to Jax's post. Personally, this has me devastated since I spent most of my childhood seeing almost every current feature in this theater. Heck, I remember when the theater was located in the former North Adams Plaza on Curran Highway until its closure in 2006.

So, after I heard this news, I decided to do a little research on what other possibilities can be done to save this North County attraction. I decided to reach out to a company known as "Phoenix Theatres" where they own many locations in different states including The Beacon Cinema on North Street in Downtown Pittsfield.

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Down below is the letter I wrote to them on their main website:

Good afternoon,


This letter is to show how much the Beacon Cinema in Pittsfield is appreciated in Berkshire County. Also, the fact it's the only Theatre in the County that offers Luxury Seating. However, traveling can be a challenge to certain people at times especially during the winter months and for those that are limited to transportation in general. It was recently that announced a local theatre located in North Adams, Massachusetts which is about a 35-minute drive from Pittsfield, is closing their doors come January 31, of 2023. This leaves a huge gap for movie goers in Northern Berkshire County. It is currently an eight-screen cinema located in The Steeple City Plaza in Downtown North Adams and has a lot of attraction to young viewers. As much we'll always love the Beacon for what it offers, we'd love to see something similar in North Adams. Perhaps you can consider reviving the North Adams Movieplex.


Thank you!

When the saw the word 'indefinitely,' I knew it didn't mean permanently.

Check out this screenshot from their website:

What caught my eye was where it says, "Theatre News, Phoenix to Relaunch Theatre at Northtowne Mall" So does this mean this company is looking to expand even more and buy out movies theaters that sit in small towns? Personally, I would love to see Movieplex reopen with some modern amenities like Heated Recliner Seats, Massive Screen, and Immersive Sound just what the Beacon Cinema has to offer.

This will be updated if I receive a response from "Phoenix Theatres" regarding the letter they received. Also let us know what you think should be done on our station app. 

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