Regal Cinemas announced the company is temporarily closing all of their theaters in the country on Thursday.  The closing will affect the Regal Cinema in Lanesborough in the Berkshire Mall.

The effect the pandemic has had on the entertainment industry has been drastic and Covid-19 is the reason given by Regal Cinemas as the reason for the nation-wide closures.

Regal Cinemas is the second-largest movie theater chain in the country.  AMC Theaters is the largest theater company with just over 8-thousand screens.  Regal has just over 7-thousand screens.  Cinemark is a distant third with 4,630 screens.

The area does have an option for local movie-goers.  The North Adams Movieplex 8 is still open for business with plenty of popcorn and Snowcaps available.

The CEO of Regal’s parent company Cineworld, Moody Greidinger, said in a news release…" This is not a decision we made lightly, and we did everything in our power to support a safe and sustainable reopening in the U.S. from putting in place robust health and safety measures at our theatres to joining our industry in making a collective commitment to the Cinema-Safe protocols to reaching out to state and local officials to educate them on these initiatives."

Among some of the flicks now playing at the North Adams Movieplex 8 includes; Hocus Pocus (1993)…The New Mutants (2020)…Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back….and Tenet (2020).

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