Forecasters from the National Weather Service have been calling the Baystate “absolutely gorgeous days”. However, there's been some disappointment as more than 20 beaches have been closed according to Masslive.

Many Massachusetts residents have been upset over the past few weekends when they learned that their local beach or beaches haven't opened yet despite the summer weather. But there is a reason behind all this.

According to, nearly 20 beaches from Great Barrington in Western Massachusetts to Lynn on the North Shore have been closed to due what is called “bacterial exceedance."

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What is Bacterial Exceedance?

Bacterial Exceedance is a harmful cyanobacteria bloom when levels of Enterococci or E. coli exceed the limits set for beaches. All Massachusetts Residents are being informed if a beach is closed, do not swim or enter the water at that location to avoid risk of illness.

Among the beaches closed as of Saturday June 1st included Lake Quinsigamond-Regatta Point Beach in Worcester, Wollaston Beach in Quincy, and Cochituate State Park Beach in Natick.

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The Cliffs at Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard.
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Are the beaches tested daily and how is the data recorded?

The dashboard is updated twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, and shows the results of recent water quality tests at beaches across the state. More than 1,100 public and semi-public beaches in the state are regularly monitored on a daily basis.

Can I still go to a beach and not swim if water is the only issue?

State officials say the beaches are still perfectly safe for recreational activities aside from swimming despite the beaches technically being closed due to these water issues.

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