It's a well known fact that times are tough nowadays. Especially when it comes to locally owned businesses where they sometimes have no chance at competing with big companies. Not to mention, we all know by now how hard the pandemic took a hit on everything.

Which Hardware Store is closing in Massachusetts?

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loading... reports Aubuchon Hardware located at Union Street in North Adams will be closing its doors this Fall after 36 years in business after announcement was made by his Facebook page Tuesday.


Scott Wascher was not available for immediate comment but as he stated in the screenshot above, "falling sales and location" play a factor in the closing of this location. The store opened on September of 1987 at a former Carr Hardware on 41 Union. The company's owner at the time, William Aubuchon, had attended the opening. The family-owned chain has more than 100 stores in the Northeast and dates bacl to 1908. Last month, Aubuchon Company acquired J.B. Hostetter & Sons in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.


The good news is, Northern Berkshire Residents will not be without a hardware store as the Williamstown store along with Abbey and Shawna, the store's cats (pictured above) will still continue to serve customers business as usual.

"The Williamstown store will take over serving our customers in the area, and we would like to thank our customers for the continued support throughout the years." - Scott Wascher

Other hardware stores in North County include Carr Hardware on State Road which opened in 2012 at the former Carbone Ford Dealership.

A hew hardware store is opening in North Adams this Saturday. More details tomorrow!

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