Massachusetts is a magnet for many tourists as we have several attractions that people want to experience at least once in their lifetime. From attending a Red Sox game in Boston to visiting Cape Cod in the summer to exploring leaf-peeping opportunities in the Berkshires during the fall, Massachusetts has something for everyone year-round.

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But Massachusetts also has some odd laws that were enacted decades upon decades ago and many of these laws though not enforced are still on the books today. These laws are fun to go back to and explore but they are also real headscratchers.

Two Intimate Activities are Illegal in Massachusetts but Why?

One particular Massachusetts law I found interesting is something that many people do every day in the privacy of their own homes and that is snoring. Believe it or not, there's a law in Massachusetts that prohibits snoring in your home unless all bedroom windows are closed and securely locked.

Thoughts on the Massachusetts Snoring Law

The assumption behind the snoring law is the fact that if someone is snoring very loudly with the window open it could be disturbing to the peace. I suppose I understand that but for it to be a law seems silly. Plus, that would have to be some very loud snoring, don't you think?  If anything it's something we can all tease our snoring partners about.

The Other Massachusetts Law Will Make You Think Twice When Skipping a Shower or Bath

The other private but strange law specifically relates to Boston which is that in Boston it's illegal not to bathe before going to bed. I like to to shower after I wake up and before I head off to work so I'm fresh for the day so I guess I better turn myself in next time I'm in Boston. Needless to say, this law is very strange and I can't figure out why this would have ever been a law, can you? At the very least, you'll be squeaky clean before you tuck in for the night.

31 Strange Massachusetts Laws

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