Most school-age students in Massachusetts dread the end of summer and the start of the new school year, however, Massachusetts public schools head back to school much later than other states. Some districts in states like Arizona, Alabama, and Mississippi, among others, are back in school in late July.

While many other states start school ahead of Massachusetts back to the first day of classes, the history of public schools runs deep in the Commonwealth.

With Massachusetts being one of the oldest states in the country, the Bay State has a deep history dating back to the earliest settlers. Massachusetts is home to the oldest churches, restaurants, and even the oldest bar in the U.S. So it doesn't come as a massive surprise that the oldest public high school in the country is also located in Massachusetts.


The Oldest Public High School in the Country is in Massachusetts

The very first public high school in the country, Boston Latin School, is located in Massachusetts' capital city. The school was founded in 1635 and although it has changed locations, the school is still in operation today, according to National Geographic.

In fact, three out of the top five oldest public high schools in the country are located in Massachusetts.

Top Five Oldest Public High Schools in the United States

  1. Boston Latin School - Boston, Massachusetts established in 1635
  2. Hartford Public High School - Hartford, Connecticut established in 1638
  3. Cambridge Rindge and Latin School - Cambridge, Massachusetts established in 1648
  4. Hopkins Academy - Hadley, Massachusetts established in 1664
  5. Academy of Richmond County -  Augusta, Georgia established in 1783

Out of the top 100 oldest public high schools in the United States, 26 are located in Massachusetts.

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