A city councilor who called Black Lives Matter a terrorist group on his public access show and said he didn't understand systemic racism is getting plenty of pushback on social media.
He also downplayed the novel coronavirus pandemic that's killed more than 140,000 Americans and more than 600,000 worldwide as minuscule and overblown.
Robert Moulton Jr., who was returned to the City Council last year and while also winning a seat on the School Committee, was speaking on his long-running show "Let's Talk About It" on Northern Berkshire Community Television that aired live on Tuesday night with guest co-host Edward Morandi.
Referring to neighbors who have Black Lives Matter signs on their lawns, Moulton said he didn't think they understood what it was.
"I don't agree with it, I don't think people know what it is. It seems like that it's this month's flavor," the former mayoral candidate said "It's a terrorist organization. They want to get rid of the family, as it is."
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