In case you hadn't noticed, the owners of Thistle and Mirth opened a new eatery this past May in downtown Pittsfield. It seems as though customers can't get enough of the newest spot.

The newly opened spot is located at 137 North Street inside Crawford Square as Lulu's Tiny Grocery. The eatery offers coffee, pastries, sandwiches, bagels, and more! Notice we said BAGELS! The owners of Thistle and Mirth, Joad Bowman and Austin Oliver, saw an opportunity to bring a bagel place to that spot in the square and they made it happen.

According to, after Bagels Too had closed back in 2017, the owners made it a mission of theirs to be an 'approachable, good, sometimes creative, sometimes indulgent' with their new eatery that made its way to North Street in downtown Pittsfield.

And the community has been embracing the new spot. There have been several posts on social media talking up the new spot ever since Lulu's Tiny Grocery opened up.

You can even check out their menu at their new spot right here.

The eatery is the third space that Bowman and Oliver had been using as a commissary for their bar and restaurant, Thistle & Mirth and Flat Burger Society. The bagels are from a bakery in Brooklyn while are their meats used for sandwiches are fresh, not processed. Barrington Coffee Roasting Co. provides their coffee and espresso drinks as well.

While they have had their hands full the past couple years with reopening Thistle & Mirth in the style of a ramen restaurant, as well as the opening of Flat Burger Society, the three spots seem to be working out plenty well for Bowman and Oliver.

You can check out Lulu's Tiny Grocery on Facebook and be sure to make your way over there in downtown Pittsfield! They're open Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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