Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce that after many phone calls, emails, and many messages of all the questions on where is Mike Garland? We miss hearing him on the radio! Well I can officially say your prayers have been answered! First of all, Mike has never left the company during his absence at WNAW. He did some fill ins for Dave and I once and an while and continued to host many talk shows for the station. For full time work, he was helping out our sister station from South County WSBS. What does this mean for me do you ask? Well I am letting him host The Drive Home show from 3-6p.m. I'll still be filling in for people when needed and continue to host The Trading Post every Saturday morning from 9-10A.M. Plus there's a lot of behind the scenes work that I will be doing as well. A new time slot is also in the works. Once again, Mike Garland welcome back friend!


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