It is looking like the NHL and NBA are headed for at least a condensed resumption of their seasons, but things are not fairing so well for Major League Baseball. Players and owners are still reportedly far apart on a deal that would get the season finally underway.

Some players like to stoke the fire as it were. New York Mets starting pitcher Marcus Stroman set the Twitter world ablaze Tuesday afternoon with his bold statement saying, “this season is not looking promising.”


That brought out a chorus of critics, like-minded fans, and worried fans. It also got the television and radio sports programs diving into the topic at full force. All the uproar came after what was described as a sliding-scale proposal by big league teams that players found "extremely disappointing."

The Associated Press and other varous outlets reported that Major League Baseball made the proposal to the players' union on Tuesday during a digital meeting rather than the 50-50 revenue-sharing plan that owners initially approved for their negotiators on May 11th. The union also reportedly said "the sides also remain far apart on health and safety protocols" aimed at starting the pandemic-delayed season around the Fourth of July.

Let's hope they can find some sort of middle ground.

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