Superintendent James Brosnan said lights are finally coming to the school's athletic complex, Brosnan had made the announcement at the School Committee this past Thursday. McCann Technical School hopes to have lights installed on the football field for the upcoming season.

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When Williams College renovated Weston Field, it donated the old lights and components to McCann. Brosnan said the project has been in the works some eight years he went on to say contractor Musco Lighting went through the lighting components and that "everything is still viable and operational and that everything is ready to go.

The initial work to install the equipment is slated to cost $223,750, an amount the School Committee voted to allocate that night. Brosnan said he anticipates returning to the school committee to ask for more funds to finish up the project. reports that "It seems like a new project, but this is something the School Committee has been involved in and something we have been encouraging," he said. "We have first-class programming here at McCann and our students deserve to have the same when it comes to facilities."

Brosnan thanked Williams College for the donation and said it was an emotional moment to finally be able to light up the field.

Brosnan said,

"We are the only school in Berkshire County that do not have lights on our football field so we can play Friday night, Our students work on the weekends and their parents work on the weekends so they can't always attend games."

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