Like I say, what has this world come to? Every day we hear about hate, violence, and of course crime is the biggest one. While crime will never go away, we just have to face the facts unfortunately. They say crime doesn't pay and it most certainly doesn't because most times it leads to events that don't solve any problems. Like this innocent that just recently occurred.

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Last week, we learned that a Savoy man, 55 named Jeffery Cote was wanted for a stabbing incident with his ex-girlfriend that took place on North Summer Street in Adams. According to state police searched his residence on Chapel Road in Savoy only for him to not be there at the time. A search was set out around the perimeter of the rural wooded property and residents were asked to call 911 immediately if they saw him where he was suspected to be in the Savoy and Cheshire area.

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Today we learned that authorities have said to have found the body who is to believe to be Jeffrey Cote, wanted in a stabbing incident last week. There is no evidence of foul play according to The District Attorney's Office. This whole incident spanned for over a week since last Wednesday and as mentioned before, no justice will be served, and the victim will not have her day in court. But thankfully, she is expected to live after this big trauma. No word on any services yet for Jeffery Cote and condolences go out to his family and friends.

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