The prospect of becoming a homeowner can be a fun and thrilling experience. Driving around neighborhoods, attending open houses, and getting ideas from your real estate agent are great and exciting ways to inch you closer to buying a home.

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If you are moving to Massachusetts one thing you may want to pay attention to when looking at a home is the dwelling's age. Age plays a role in how much work your house may need. How sound is the structure? How sturdy are the floors? Does the house have knob and tube wiring that needs to be switched out? The older the home, the more likely your chances are that you'll have to make some updates if and when you move in.

Potential Massachusetts Homebuyers Should Find Out About the House's Paint if It's an Older Home

Another thing prospective Massachusetts homeowners need to be aware of especially if they have little ones is if the home is old enough to contain lead-based paint potentially. Many houses built before 1978 contain lead paint and if you are purchasing a home from this era there's a good chance that lead could be in your prospective home.

A Note to Massachusetts Homeowners Who Have Lead Paint in Their Houses

Massachusetts homeowners who plan on selling their houses must notify potential homebuyers if lead paint is in the home. Here's more information about the lead law courtesy of

Lead is a dangerous and toxic metal. It can cause serious neurological damage as result of prolonged exposure. It's especially harmful to children under the age of 6. Homes built before 1978 may contain lead. The Lead Law protects a child's right to a lead-safe home. It requires the removal or control of lead paint in houses with children under 6. If houses built before 1978 are being sold or rented, sellers, real estate agents, and owners who rent their homes are required to notify their buyers and tenants of lead risks.

How Can Massachusetts Homeowners Find Out if There is Lead Paint in Their Homes?

According to, if you think lead paint in your home you should hire a Massachusetts licensed lead inspector. If you rent your home, ask your property owner if the home was inspected or, if you have a child under 6, you can call your local health department or Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) and ask for an inspection.

The Takeaway for Massachusetts Homebuyers and Sellers of Home Prior to 1978 

Whether you are looking at a home in Springfield, Boston, Worcester, or anywhere in Massachusetts if there is an older home you are in love with that may contain lead paint and you have a young child, make sure you and the seller work it out that the lead paint gets removed. You can get more information about lead homes and lead history here.

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