I decided to go on a camping trip up in the mountains last year in a small town we call Washington, MA. My girlfriend and I packed all the essentials for camping you know the typical toiletries, pillows, blankets, air mattress, food, drinks, cooking utensils, and of course the flat top propane grill. Along with some extra propane tanks to be safe.

Overall, the trip went very smoothly, and we both enjoyed each other's company the whole time. The campground we stayed at even had a swimming pool to enjoy since the temperature did reach almost 90 degrees for one day.


 onto the point, what do we need to know before camping? Or should I say, what do we not do while camping?

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One morning, I decided to cook us both some breakfast. Bacon, Egg, Sausage, and Cheese toasted on a bagel. Sounds delicious right? When I went to go fire up the grill, I could smell gas, but it wasn't lit. So I gave it another try, no luck. The third time I clicked the knob, light flashed before my eyes!

Rule #1, never place your face close to a grill when lighting. Yes the flame shot out so fast it bounced off my face. According to EMT on site, I was very lucky that it didn't burn any skin or affect any of my vision.

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We ended up enjoying our breakfast in end. Now we can just move on and have laughs about it. But it certainly was a lesson learned when it comes to propane grills. Which don't get me wrong, I am going to continue using it since it does a great job when it comes to cooking up meals while camping in the middle of nowhere.

So what are your camping experiences? The good and the bad. Let us know on our station app. 

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