You may remember from previous posts that Massachusetts basically has a law for everything. Some of these laws really don't make a whole lot of sense as they are very outdated or they never seemed logical to begin with, yet they are technically still on the books (check out these 31 strange Massachusetts laws, you'll be entertained for sure).

However, There are Some Massachusetts Laws That Make Total Sense

Obviously, there are plenty of Massachusetts laws that are active that make complete sense. Recently, I was googling laws to see if there were any unique laws pertaining to Halloween in Massachusetts and an interesting one popped up even though it's not directly related to Halloween.

There is One Creepy Act That is Illegal in Massachusetts and Makes Sense to Me

One law that popped up that I found a bit creepy but makes total sense to me is the fact that it is illegal in Massachusetts to sell a dead human body. Now, who on Earth would even think about doing this? Sure, you can have a fun and spooky Halloween party but opting for a mannequin dressed up in Halloween garb should suffice. I suppose there are folks out there who would try to illegally sell body parts (like organs) to someone who is in need of a liver or kidney but that is still a big thumbs down in Massachusetts.


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What is the Penalty for Selling Bodies and/or Body Parts in Massachusetts

If one attempts to sell a dead body or body parts in Massachusetts, that person can get nailed with a fine between $50 and $1,000 or he/she could serve prison time from three months to two and a half years. Don't bother listing that human thumb or ear on

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