As you're well aware, Berkshire County, it's crazy out there. The details in this latest crime caper almost sound like the plot of a movie. A Massachusetts couple was recently arrested in New Hampshire after an armed robbery eventually turned into a high-speed car chase which then resulted in a home invasion/hostage situation.

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According to a report on social media from the Hampstead, New Hampshire Police Department, a Massachusetts couple was arrested after several criminal-related incidents throughout Hampstead early yesterday morning.

The Hampstead Police issued a statement on Facebook stating that at approximately 2:15 a.m. Monday morning, one of their officers was called to the Emerson Avenue Extra Mart for a reported armed robbery.

Once they arrived, police learned that a man committed a robbery with a firearm and then quickly fled the scene in a dark-colored sedan. Less than 10 minutes later, officers spotted the suspected vehicle on Route 111 and engaged in pursuit when the vehicle did not stop.

Eventually, the vehicle turned into a driveway on Hickory Road at which point the passenger of the vehicle held a gun to the driver's head and threatened to harm her if the police didn't back off.

The vehicle then sped off and ended up evading the police. Several law enforcement officers became involved in the search for the sedan. At approximately 2:40 a.m., officers received a report of an armed home invasion on Wellington Drive where a man was holding several people hostage at gunpoint.

When police arrived at the scene they noticed the same sedan they had been chasing was parked in the driveway. Police formed a perimeter around the house and proceeded to call for backup from local and state police.

During the stand-off, police were able to ascertain the identity of the suspect as Jose Robles, 39 of Taunton, Massachusetts:

Image Courtesy Hampstead, New Hampshire Police Department
Image Courtesy Hampstead, New Hampshire Police Department

And police also identified the driver of the sedan as Robles’s fiancé, Camille Knox, 37 of Athol, Massachusetts:

Image Courtesy Hampstead, New Hampshire Police Department
Image Courtesy Hampstead, New Hampshire Police Department

Also, during the stand-off, members of the home were able to flee to safety. Knox eventually left the house and informed officers that they were homeless and Robles was under the influence of meth and cocaine.

Finally, around approximately 4:30 a.m., the last hostage was able to get out of the residence after Robles allegedly passed out after taking an unknown amount of pills. That was when police entered the residence and arrested Robles.

Police determined that the firearm in Robles' possession was in fact a BB gun and that Knox was an accomplice in the armed robbery. She was also arrested. Both are being tried on numerous charges and are expected to be arraigned today in Rockingham County Superior Court.

For more on the story, check out the Hampstead Police Department's Facebook page here.

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