We recently featured a story about backyard burials in which we learned that it's legal to be buried on your property in Massachusetts...well kind of. Get more details on that story by going here. Taking it a step further, you may wonder if you have to bury your loved one in a casket or coffin, by law, in Massachusetts. With the past two years making it difficult for many Massachusetts families to make ends meet, one may want to look into a less expensive burial service. Perhaps, it was in the deceased's wishes, not to be buried in any type of vault. In addition, some may want to choose a green burial option.


Massachusetts Offers Green Burial Options and Has an Entire Website Dedicated to This Method of Burial?

According to Green Burial Massachusetts, green burial is a method where the body is not embalmed and is not placed in a casket, coffin, or any type of vault. Instead,  biodegradable materials are used for the burial of the body.

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So, Does That Mean I Legally Don't Have to Use a Casket or Coffin to Bury a Loved One in Massachusetts?

According to the website, Massachusetts law does not require purchasing a casket or coffin for burial. However, the law isn't necessarily one size fits all in the Bay State as there could be individual laws, rules, and regulations per town and/or per cemetery.

As with anything that may be a little unclear, if you plan on going with the green burial option, it's always a good idea to check with the town and/or cemetery first as this will save you a headache in this already sensitive and busy process.

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