If you get a text from your boss, you may just want to delete it! Well... actually, hang on just a second. I'm sure many of you might want to do that anyway or would have no problem doing so if you thought it was warranted. However, I am exaggerating just a little.

The Better Business Bureau of Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and Vermont say that because you are used to getting text messages and emails from your boss, you may be particularly vulnerable to a scam that has been being perpetrated as of late.

How does this scam work:

You get a text from someone that is claiming to be your boss. They use language that you might be used to like  “Hi Lisa, I’m tied up in a conference call right now but let me know if you get this text. Thanks [your boss’ name].” It might look legit at first, but you don't recognize the number. Maybe he got a new phone? Hmmm. You might think, well, they know my name, they obviously know my bosses' names, and where I work. So maybe it's legit.


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So, you reply that you received the text. That is when you are asked to do a quick task. This could be purchasing gift cards for a client or wiring funds to another business. In some cases, the scammer could ask you to send personal information to someone, backed up by a good reason for you to carry out the request.


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The BBB says that no matter how believable the reason sounds, always double-check before you take any action. If you send the money, gift cards, or information, it will be in the hands of a con artist. Got you! Not what you want.


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The BBB Says... you can protect yourself from imposter scams. Just follow these simple guidelines:


  • Don’t trust unsolicited messages from unfamiliar numbers.
  • Be wary of unusual requests.
  • Double-check with your boss personally.
  • If you suspect a scam, don’t reply. Instead, block the number and delete the message.


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Be careful out there... your boss really isn't out to get you. But... someone else just might be!


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