A man wearing a fake bomb and carrying a loaded gun was shot and killed by Mass Police last night.  A tense situation developed last night involving a man holding a rifle with what was believed to be an explosive device strapped to his body was shot and killed by police.  Worcester police responded to a 911 call last night around 10:30 from a man claiming to have a gun and a bomb that he threatened to detonate according to an article posted at MassLive.com.

According to MassLive, a SWAT team was called and made a lengthy attempt to negotiate and defuse the tense situation.  Those talks apparently broke down leading to police neutralize the suspect as he began to advance towards them.  The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.  According to the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, the suspect was 31-year-old Phet Gouvonvong of Worcester.

According to MassLive.com sources, the bomb was not real but was made to look authentic with the use of flares, wiring and a timer according to the article. The rifle Gouvonvong was holding was real and fully loaded, sources told MassLive. The suspect was also wearing a ballistic vest and had extra ammunition in his possession according to the MassLive report.  According to the article, police used a robot to check the backpack for explosives and then used an armored vehicle to remove the so-called bomb that was later determined to be fake.

The area was shutdown for hours as the investigation into the incident continued into the early morning hours.

(stock bomb photo used in cover post)

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