Exploring is something I enjoy doing especially when it comes to abandoned places. With Massachusetts being the first home to settlements, it's no uninhabited towns lurk in the Baystate. Even though these towns were abandoned for decades, there is still plenty of history to explore on your next hike.

Before we get into the list of ghost towns, just imagine what these places used to look like during their heyday. I mean there's some places that I didn't know even was once an actual town. Of course, back then they were more well known as villages. Without further ado, let's take a look at these three hidden ghost towns in Massachusetts.

And no, the Town of Adams where I grew up is not on the list unfortunately. 😉

3 Hidden Ghost Towns in Massachusetts

Hidden Ghost Towns to explore when planning your next hiking trip.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Pause

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The current lighthouse in the harbor of Provincetown is known as Monomoy Point Light or Monomoy Point Lighthouse. It is made of Cast Iron being built in 1849 replacing an old wooden tower and brick lantern room that once stood on top of the keeper's house. Unfortunately, the light itself was taken out of commission in 1923 for unknown reasons.

This Historic Landmark can also be found in National Register of Historic Places where it was added on November 1, 1979.

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Out of all these hidden ghost towns in Massachusetts, former Whitewash Village has to be my favorite of them all. Being the fact, it's located in one of my favorite go-to vacation spots during the summer months. Provincetown that is. I think I'm going to have to add this place to my bucket list of places to explore. Anyone have a boat I can borrow?

Are there any other cool abandoned places that we should know about? I would like to know where and would love to see some photos. Send them to us on our station app. 

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