I really did not know that rock painting was a "thing" here in the New England states, that is until now.

Having lived in Florida on the beach, painting shells was the thing to do.

Folks here are very creative with their rock painting I thought I would share some of the ones I myself really liked.

Pinterest seems to be a good jump-off point as people share their rock painting talent a lot.

I love painted rocks they have some great ideas for fall, and can also give you the info you need to get started.

ilovepaintedrocks -pinterest
ilovepaintedrocks -pinterest

I love the falling leaves on the tree and the squirrel.

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If you are new to rock painting here is a great tutorial for beginners.

Rock painting 101-Youtube

Here are some great fall ideas for fall from Rock painting 101-Youtube

As far as what type of paint to use acrylic is the best.
Also whatever your talent is you can let it shine through with painted rocks, and as you go forward on this endeavor there is so much info out there on different styles and learning how to paint and seal your art.

I myself have worked in charcoal, watercolor, and acrylics in art, to the point where I would paint in watercolor holiday cards, it was a part of me growing up, which I hate to say has taken a back seat to everyday life.

It is something that is soothing and calming and also makes you feel happy too. I think I really want to try this out. The other part of painting rocks is that you can leave them in places where people will find them and it will put a smile o their faces.

If you have done rock painting I would love you to reach out to me and share what you have done. Cheryl@wupe.com

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