We always mourn when we lose a loved one. Of course, we will also do for our pets as well. The ones that are always there for us when we're feeling down. The ones that don't care where or what you live in. The only thing they care about is your love and compassion. Unfortunately, I've had to burry at least 2 pets in my life. Back in 2013, my Min-Pin named Lucy. My most recent last year in the Spring of 2022, half Min-Pin and half Chihuahua. Both sadly suffered kidney failure.

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Ryan Pause's dog Lucy
Ryan Pause's dog Lucy
Ryan Pause's dog Cocoa
Ryan Pause's dog Cocoa


According to Jesse Stewart's previous post, it is perfectly legal to burry your pet in Massachusetts. However, there are proper safety tips to consider before you decide to start digging a random hole in your backyard. Here in the commonwealth, you can dial the "Dig Safe" line at 811 or (888) 344-7233 and they will come out to help mark areas that have utility, gas, and/or waterlines.

What's the best and safest way to bury my pet?

Thankfully when I brought Cocoa home to be buried from the Vet, they had what's called a "Pet Casket" which is basically a fancy cardboard box with a carrying handle. Of course, before you decide to go that route, make sure your pet is wrapped in a towel or trash bag. All deceased pets unfortunately can be a wild animal's next meal if the hole is not dug deep enough. A 4-foot hole is recommended but a 6-foot hole works even better.

New Laws For Pet Welfare To Come Into Force
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I will say this, losing a pet the second time wasn't as bad as the first time. You tend to grieve and then move on to loving your next pet. Even though just like our loved ones, our pets are always here for us in our hearts.

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Everyday items that our pets love more than their expensive toys

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