I should apologize in advance in case you might be misled by this title because in general, it really impossible for anyone to avoid climate change. It's everywhere and affects everything. However, recently, a recent study showed a list of states that made the list of the '7 Best States to Move to Avoid Climate Change'. Could the Bay State possibly be on this list?

It's no secret that climate change is becoming more and more impactful every year. We continue to see hazards caused by climate change such as droughts, extreme heat, further inland flooding, wildfires, coastal flooding, and more. This will only continue to get worse as time goes on. It's things like those aforementioned hazards that are said to be affecting millions by the year, 2050.

Climate change can also impact homeowners by incentivizing insurers to raise prices like fire and flood insurance. So what states would be less affected by such things and as a result, be considered safer to live in?

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AFP via Getty Images
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Xinhua News Agency via Getty Ima

As it turns out on a list of the '7 Best States to Move to Avoid Climate Change', four of those seven states happened to be in New England. And Massachusetts is one of them.

According to the publication, 'The Ascent', the Bay State has good reason to be listed as one of those states to move to:

A minority of Massachusetts residents can expect to deal with extreme heat, coastal flooding, and inland flooding. It’s worth noting that extreme heat is expected to extend mosquito season by 23 days each year by 2050, which is neither high nor low compared to other states.

Massachusetts was ranked 3rd on the list overall. Vermont was ranked as the top state to move to in order to avoid climate change. New Hampshire was second, while Rhode Island also made the list as #7.

Of course, everyone should be concerned about climate change. It's especially scary knowing what our kids and their kids might experience in terms of climate change. Hopefully, we can do our best to combat it to help future generations down the road.

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