It's something we've all seen or guilty of doing. Passing that one slowpoke that's always trying to make us late from where we need to go. That's why we have the nick name called "M***hole drivers." Before we get into if it's legal or not to pass on a solid yellow in Massachusetts, let's take a look at other states with their traffic laws.

For example, states like Vermont allow passing across the double yellow line when no traffic is on the opposing side, however, one must pass quickly and return to the proper side. Other states like Pennsylvania do permit passing on double yellow lines when not also posted with "Do Not Pass" signage.

But, what about Massachusetts?

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According, a new law back in April went into effect that allows drivers to pass “vulnerable road users” as long as the speed limit is obeyed. You may have already seen the signage posted everywhere that says "drivers will need to provide a safe passing distance of at least 4 feet when passing vulnerable road users." Massachusetts became the 36th state to define safe passing as at least 3 feet.

What are vulnerable road users? Check out the list below:

• People walking and biking
• Roadside workers
• People using wheelchairs
• Scooters, skateboards, roller skates, and other micromobility devices
• Horse-drawn carriages
• Farm equipment

Future policies and guidelines can be created with vulnerable road users in mind.

How do we know when we can pass vulnerable road users listed above?

Getty Images/Tetra images RF
Getty Images/Tetra images RF

MassDOT is required to put up signage to this effect across the commonwealth and will work in collaboration with municipalities to do so on public roadways.

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