When you have children, mowing the lawn can sometimes act as nice alone time. Yes, spring is here and the grass needs to be cut, unless you're participating in "No Mow May".

What Is 'No Mow May'?

“No Mow May” is a quick and catchy name for a movement that aims far beyond not mowing the yard for a month. It’s more than long grass and dandelion blooms. It’s a gateway to understanding how we share our lawns with many small creatures.

Lawns cover 40 million acres, or 2%, of land in the US, making them the single largest irrigated crop we grow. Lawns are mowed, raked, fertilized, weeded, chemically treated, and watered⁠—sucking up time, money, and other resources. Lawns provide little benefit to wildlife, and are often harmful. Grass-only lawns lack floral resources and nesting sites for bees and are often treated with pesticides that harm bees and other invertebrates.

When we think of habitat loss, we tend to imagine bulldozers and rutted dirt, but acres of manicured lawn are as much a loss of habitat as any development site. 

Re-thinking the American lawn can take a variety of forms from reducing mowing frequency or area mown to permanently converting lawn to a more diverse and natural landscape. beecityusa.org

If you are not participating, than I'm sure you've mowed your lawn by now, twice for me.

Recently, I accidentally blew some grass clippings into the street and I immediately felt like I was doing something wrong but couldn't figure out why.

Was I polluting the street? Not really.

Was I creating danger? Yes!


The danger? Grass clippings can contribute to motorcycle crashes. Grass clippings on roads reduce a motorcycle's traction and can lead to a loss of control for the driver. A biker traveling at high speeds may fail to see these clippings in time, resulting in a motorcycle crash.

Is It Legal In Massachusetts To Blow Grass Clippings Onto The Street?

It is not illegal, but extremely frowned upon and you should never do it.

I hope you found this post informative.

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