Nothing beats knowing some amazing history about the state with live in. We have many historic landmarks that we pass by every day and ones that we didn't even know about! Previously we covered "The Top 10 Oldest Restaurants In Massachusetts" which you can take a look at by clicking on the link.

Let's face it, bars are part of our everyday life. It brings us close together with friends and we all have good times and not so good times. So, what bar in Massachusetts has been serving patrons for centuries? That's right centuries!

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Look no further than "The Bell In Hand Tavern" located on 45 Union St. in Boston. This historic bar served up its first beer in 1795. That's just less 20 years after The Declaration of Independence! Printers, politicians, sailors, and even students all gathered at this place for a nice bottle of Ale. That's right, Ale was the biggest drink sold at this Tavern since the first owner at the time "Jimmy Wilson" wasn't into serving up any hard whiskey that other establishments were serving in those days.

Before retiring and opening up his bar business, Mr. Wilson was also known as Boston town crier (a person who makes public service announcements in city streets or a marketplace) for 50 years. Where he reported on happenings such as the Boston Tea Party and the birth of our country.


No one knows what the big secret is on they're still in business after over 200 years. But whatever it is, it's certainly working! This establishment is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit next time I make a trip to Boston. Currently they serve up both drinks and even food now to customers daily.

Fun fact: I was only 16 years old when I got my first Mobile DJ bar gig in North Adams at what was formally known as "The Crystal Hardhat Saloon" (closed in 2016). Since I was only a minor at the time, my father had to accompany while I played for patrons on weekends until 2 o' clock in the morning! And yes, he would fall asleep aside me in the DJ booth. LOL!


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