What would you do with the Mohawk Theater in North Adams?

If you’re a resident of North Adams, you’ll be able to voice your opinion soon.  To start, there’s going to be a couple forums taking place.  The first is Monday, March 7th, and the second is Wednesday, March 9th.  At these forums you’ll learn what an RFP is (request for proposal) and how it works, as well as other steps you’ll need to take to get your voice heard about the future of the Mohawk Theater.  These forums will be in the North Adams City Council Chambers.

I spoke with North Adams Mayor Jennifer Macksie on 94.7 WNAW last week, and she believes that the Mohawk can and will be the anchor of downtown North Adams.  She also rejected a recent proposal in part because she felt the process was rushed, the price wasn’t right, and many residents had voiced concerns.  By opening up the floor to the public, the goal is to have much greater community input and transparency, and to turn the Mohawk Theater into something that the majority of residents truly want and look forward to.

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From a personal standpoint, I have a cautiously optimistic outlook.  I truly believe that the new Macksie Administration wants to make the Mohawk Theater a priority and cornerstone of North Adams, and I think it’s great that the public will be more involved.  That said, the Mohawk has remained shuttered since 1991…that’s over thirty years at this point.  I can understand why people remain skeptical.  But remember, if you are skeptical, March 7th and March 9th are perfect times to get more information, and get involved in the process of updating the Mohawk.

For my money, I’d love the see at least two things happen.  I want it to be turned into a venue for live performances again, anything from dance to comedy.  I also want there to be a conference area, so conventions, events, and businesses will consider North Adams as a venue.  I think it would tie in great with Mass Moca and MCLA.

How about you?  What would you like to see happen with the Mohawk Theater?  If you have ideas, make sure you attend the forums on March 7th or March 9th to see how you can be a part of it.


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