Are you this person at home? who has to nag everyone else to do stuff, like chores they've been putting off.

Also, almost three-quarters of us have not done something, just to annoy the person who'd been nagging us about it. Sound familiar to anyone?

So what do we nag about the most? Here are the most common things we nag each other to do.

1. Not turning off lights when you leave a room.

2. Not cleaning up after yourself in general.

3. Putting things away in the wrong place.

4. Having the TV volume up too high.

5. Dirty clothes on the floor.

6. Leaving dirty dishes around the house.

7. Not replacing the toilet paper.

8. Leaving the door open when it's cold out.

9. Leaving your shoes lying around.

10. Seeing something on the stairs that need to go up, but leaving it there.

In all honesty, I have been known to nag but I have been guilty of some of these that are listed above.

What do you nag about the most?

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