A hearing to dismiss charges filed against Laura Reilly filed in connection with the disappearance of Joanne "Jo" Ringer has been pushed back until the first week of June.

The Berkshire Eagle reports the hearing to dismiss the charges and another to suppress evidence were originally scheduled to take place in Berkshire Superior Court on May 23. The change of date was at the request of both legal teams, according to court records.

Reilly, 43, of Easthampton, faces three counts of misleading police in March and April 2017, during the investigation into Ringer's disappearance.

Prosecutors allege that Reilly's inconsistent information prevented police from constructing an accurate timeline of the events in the days surrounding Ringer's March 2017 disappearance.

Ringer went missing March 2, 2017, the same day she was expected to start a new job, driving a cab in Easthampton. She never arrived for that shift. Her late husband, Charles "Chad" Reidy, reported her missing March fourth.

Reidy became the prime suspect in Ringer's disappearance. He took his life April 7, 2017.


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