North Adams Mayor Tom Bernard will hold the first in a series of informal "Coffee and Conversation" gatherings this Saturday from 9-10 A.M. at Empire Cafe, 57 Main Street. The first four dates and locations in the series are already set. They are all open to the public and there are no set agendas.

Appearing on this week's Community Insight show Bernard said he often hears about ideas and issues from the public while attending events at places like the Spitzer Center or the UNO Community Center, or even "at the dairy case at the supermarket." He said having these times set aside each month will give him a chance to connect directly with residents. As the mayor put it: "Here's the deal: I'll be there" for whatever people want to talk about. He's willing to listen, take notes and refer concerns back to city team members when needed.

Future "Coffee and Conversations" with the mayor are scheduled for:

  •   Saturday, March 2, 9-10  A.M at BrewHaHa
  • · Saturday, April 6, 9-10 A.M. at UNO Community Center
  • · Saturday, May 4, 9-10 A.M. at Greylock Valley Apartments Community Room


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