An interesting snapshot of the population breakdown of how many residents in Massachusetts cities and towns have been vaccinated, along with the percentage of the population of each community's population was recently reported at

The article breaks down individual cities and towns in every county in Massachusetts. According to the report as of yesterday 4,125,320 Mass residents are fully vaccinated. That's 59% of the state’s population according to the report. Those with at least one dose of a vaccine brings the state’s population level up to 62%.

According to the report 35 communities have a vaccination rate of 80% or better among residents with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Only two Berkshire towns are currently on the 85%+ list. Great Barrington please take a bow as the town leads all Berkshires communities with 95% of the population with at least one jab in their arm. West Stockbridge currently landing in second place in the Berkshires at 85%.

In addition to Great Barrington and West Stockbridge, five communities in the Berkshires are above 70% adding to the state’s total of 110 total communities about that 70% watermark. Those Berkshire communities include; Cheshire, Lee, Lenox, Sheffield and Stockbridge. is reporting 15 cities or towns below 50% of residents with at least one shot. North Adams has some work to do with only 59% of the population with a shot.  Lanesborough has the lowest percentage in the Berkshires with 54%.  Ten Berkshire County communities do not have stats listed in the report due to incomplete data available for those communities.

Click this link to Datawrapper for the complete breakdown of all Massachusetts cities and towns.

Great Barrington 6,983 95%
West Stockbridge 1,000 85%
Lenox 3,784 78%
Stockbridge 1,325 78%
Lee 4,465 77%
Cheshire 2,112 72%
Sheffield 2,159 71%
Dalton 4,415 68%
Pittsfield 29,641 67%
Becket (and Washington) 1,456 65%
Williamstown 4,662 65%
Adams 5,152 63%
Hinsdale (and Peru) 1,802 61%
North Adams (and Clarksburg) 8,622 59%
Lanesborough (and Hancock/New Ashford) 2,060 54%

Communities with incomplete data that did were not included in the report includes; Egremont, Florida, Monterey, New Marlborough, Otis, Richmond, Sandisfield, Savoy, Tyringham and Windsor.

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